work by Hedda Zahner
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            All images here are original works by Hedda Zahner.
         Copyright laws apply to all works contained on this site.
Landscape and Floral
Season Houses
The Crows
The Doors
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Portraits:  "More than just a photo"

Honor your loved one in an oil portrait painted from a high quality photo, with background images, colors and symbols that tell so much more than
just a photograph!



Bring the places you love into your home!
Gift your corner of the world to someone who misses it!
Scenes painted on custom canvases in colors to make your heart sing!lick here to add text.
For more information on ordering custom artworks,
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From loose sketches to tight, realistic portraits,  drawings are executed on acid-free paper and treated with fixative to avoid smudging the pencil, graphite, or  conte (hard chalk). to add text.
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